Mabell's Zoo, multi-touch picture book for children

Mabell's Zoo is a top-rated educational children's app.

Come play with the animals of Mabell's Zoo; a beautiful experience for children that promotes creativity while counting to 10. Each view features an animal with original art, rich colors and textures, musical sounds, and a large play area.

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  • Created for children 5 years old and younger. Mabell's Zoo is easy to use and includes musical sounds, animals, vivid colors, and a large play area.
  • Use all your fingers. An app designed for the device and includes multi-touch activities.
  • Intuitive enough for young children to play alone or enjoy with family and friends.
  • Fresh, beautiful artwork handcrafted from crumpled painted coffee filters.
  • Inspired by childhood activities: blowing bubbles, tidily winks, and swinging mobiles. Each view has unique characteristics and employs physics for continuous discovery.
  • Number association. Toddlers can learn numbers and animal names; "9 penguins slip and slide on ice".
  • Variety of musical sounds and instruments (and we worked hard to create an environment that always sounds good).
  • Older children (and adults) will enjoy figuring out the physics of each view: Can you bat a bird from the elephant trunk? How many monkeys will hook together? Will the balls stack on a seal's nose? What tune can you play with the fish?

One Elephant

Elephant gives rides to the birds.

Two Polar Bears

Polar bears swimming in the water.

Three Seals

Seals go to a party everyday.

Four Snakes

Snakes are hiding in the grasses.

Five Monkeys

Monkeys swing from vines and each other.

Six Koala Bears

Koala bears sleeping in the trees.

Seven Frogs

Frogs leaping on lily pads.

Eight Parrots

Parrots fell from a rainbow.

Nine Penguins

Penguins slip and slide on ice.

Ten Fish

Tangs bring sunshine to the ocean.

Mabell's Zoo
Mabell's Fun Pages

Activities featuring the Mabell's Zoo animals.

Mabell's Zoo Matching Game

Happy Holidays! The Mabell's Zoo Penguins have gone caroling.

Ma + Bell

Mabell's Zoo was created for and with my daughter, age 4. I was inspired by the numerous books we have read together. I am not a traditional author. I am an interactive media artist. Our book would need to include movement, music, and user interactions. It was also important that we could play together. Devices with multi-touch technology became our canvas, and with digital being the final delivery, I wanted the imagery to be so rich one would want to touch.

My daughter was involved in all the creative aspects. She and I spent several afternoons crumpling and painting coffee filters. These creations became the beautiful textures used throughout Mabell's Zoo. She influenced color schemes and had opinions about which animals to include, how they looked, and their movement. She also insisted on how the title is pronounced, with a long A sound. Each view reminds me of childhood activities from blowing bubbles to tiddlywinks. We built a tent out of blankets which became our recording studio (or giggle house). Along with the story and numbers, I included extra fun sounds from those sessions.

I have watched my daughter play and interact with the zoo. Each time, she explores a different view in depth and then gives me her own narrative. I provided an overall structure with the animals and sounds; yet, there is plenty of room for her own interpretation and story.

Creating Mabell's Zoo with my daughter has been a wonderful experience. We are excited to share it with others and hope you will be inspired and add to your own memories.

— Brenda Long, designer, developer, and mother

The Reviews

"With vivid colors and easy to activate animations, Mabell’s Zoo not only provides a stimulating visual environment, but encourages counting 1-10." theiPhoneMom, 5 stars. Read the full review

"Spectacular is what first comes to mind with this interactive counting book app! From slipping, sliding penguins to ball balancing seals to monkeys that can be hooked together like the traditional ‘barrel of monkeys’ game, this app is loads of fun. The musical touch is an awesome feature and keeps the kiddos engaged while exploring each page and making beautiful sound. I was really impressed with the exceptional graphics with such bright vivid colors. The app has a read to me feature, a repeat (looping) option, and a choice to view each page in number sequence (1-10) or mix them up and view each page randomly. Love Love Love Mabell’s Zoo. I highly recommend it.", App Store User

"Beautiful, engaging app. The artwork is gorgeous, totally interactive and fun to explore each area in the zoo. My 5 year old nephew really enjoyed being able to interact with the animals. Great app for teaching kids how to count and develop hand-eye coordination, probably as young as 6 months.", App Store User

"My 3 1/2 year old granddaughter loves this. My granddaughter never tires of all the interesting things she can do with this beautiful app, but what I did not count on is how much I would fool around with it. As an educator, I can say this app is top notch. The tactile possibilities are endless, and the artwork feeds the eyes and imagination for any child of any age.", Google Play User

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